Nearly 40,000 people watched an unprecedented grand event online live streaming blockchain e-commerce North American mall application Golden Bear coin digital currency roadshow



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The North American Mall team is located in Toronto, Canada. The team has 23 years of cross-border trade experience and more than 10 years of Internet e-commerce experience. At present, there are more than 30 core members of the team. On the basis of traditional Internet e-commerce, all important links in the industrial chain, such as production and cross-border logistics, are integrated, and the blockchain is used as the underlying technical support. The pioneer of blockchain e-commerce.

Different from general cross-border e-commerce platforms, uses four dimensions as the mall’s value proposition, including preferential sales of goods, social sharing group buying, long-term user incentives, and helping businesses build brands.

GPB Golden Bear Coin is a platform token used by North America Mall. It is generated by exchanges and mall consumption mining. It will be used in for consumer cash discounts, product traceability information query, and user information confirmation. In the future, it will be given more attributes of financial products.

On January 27, Ms. Zheng Ping, President of North America Mall, was invited by Ye Zhu, co-founder and COO of Yesbit, to introduce the launch of Golden Bear Coin on SwapAll Flying Elephant Exchange. The roadshow attracted nearly 40,000 people to watch the live broadcast online.

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