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GBDIII has a wide range of business resources, professional talent team and other advantageous resources; combined with the company's own endowment advantages and the integration of the entire chain, it provides customers with a full range of financial services such as investment, financing, mergers and acquisitions, and consulting.
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Digital civilization is the third civilization change of human society after agricultural civilization and industrial civilization. It is creating a new era of human civilization. It has not only brought changes in new technologies, new ideas, new concepts, and new models, but also has an important and far-reaching impact on social production, human life, economic forms, and national governance. It has been fully integrated into the multi-domain society Ecological construction process. The staggered outbreak of the new crown epidemic on a global scale has spawned the demand for a contactless economy represented by e-commerce, and accelerated the embrace of digitalization by countries around the world. Today, the fourth wave of industrial revolution represented by digital technology has swept across. Blockchain, 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other emerging technologies continue to burst out new business vitality. While continuously empowering economic development, they are also affecting human life in multiple dimensions and in depth.

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Under the trend of continuous and deep integration of digital technology and various industries, Americo Mall (North American Mall), as a cross-border e-commerce platform born in the Web3.0 era, applies blockchain technology and big data analysis to Haitao e-commerce , International trade, cross-border logistics and other physical industry chains, not only provide a more convenient shopping experience for the vast number of overseas online shopping users and consumers around the world, but also empower the entire digital e-commerce industry.