GPB, no private placement, all token issuance will be completely dependent on the development of the ecology. GPB has dual attributes. It is not only a point, which can be used to deduct expenses in the platform; it is also a proof of equity, which can be held for appreciation or realized. North America Mall will introduce the Golden Bear coin online trading on the SwapAll platform. Chinese name: Golden Polar Bear Token, full English name: Golden Polar Bear Token. Token type: Decentralized digital asset based on Ethereum ERC20 technology. The upper limit of the number of GPBs is constant to avoid inflation; the private key is used as a digital signature, allowing individuals to directly pay to others without going through a third-party organization, thus avoiding high handling fees and cumbersome processes.



Golden Bear Coin Application Value

Traceability and anti-counterfeiting system

The traceability information for the purchase, circulation and logistics of all commodities is maintained by GPB and stored on the GPB chain. Inquiries on traceability information require a small amount of GPB to ensure that traceability information is not abused

Confirmation of original data information

The original data is encrypted on the user side to ensure that all customer information and transaction business information are protected throughout the entire process