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Golden Bear Digital Industry Investment Inc

Golden Bear Digital Industry Investment Inc.—GBDIII is a technology company focusing on the digitization of the traditional e-commerce industry, and is committed to using blockchain and other technologies to promote the development of the e-commerce industry in the direction of digitalization. The company organizes world-wide top blockchain experts to assist e-commerce platforms to introduce blockchain technology, build a new generation of e-commerce platforms based on advanced blockchain technology, and gradually realize decentralization and transparency to reduce transaction costs and improve Safety and economic operation efficiency. Golden Bear Digital Industry Investment Company’s new e-commerce platform based on blockchain technology relies on a decentralized supply chain architecture, closely integrated with the real economy, and provides product traceability, fidelity, cross-border lightning payment, decentralized financial services, Digital currency financial management and other functions are the first to enter the new era of digital economy.


The company continues to expand R&D investment and maintains continuous innovation capabilities, especially around the implementation and promotion of new payment methods such as digital currency, taking the exponential growth of asset digitization as an opportunity to invest in blockchain and digital currency related projects. The company recognizes that digital currency is no longer just the “digital gold” in the eyes of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and technology geeks, but has gradually become the “new continent” in the eyes of traditional investors. Therefore, the company seizes the huge opportunities provided by the capital market and adapts to the digital The development trend of asset and currency transactions, with great concentration in the field of global digital assets, has created a global research innovation fund focusing on the blockchain field

The most successful app provider of GPb


The platform token of Americo Mall is GPB, and there is no private placement. All token issuance will be completely dependent on the development of the ecology. It is a cross-border e-commerce company invested and created by PolarBearCanadaCorp. platform. It has created a new type of international trade ecological industry chain by connecting international smart communities. It is a practitioner of combining blockchain technology with the real economy. It will create a unique cross-border full-circulation platform for commodity logistics and services with “two-way overseas group buying” as the core.


North America Mall provides customers with cost-effective global high-quality goods, and has established a global overseas shopping salon to provide one-stop high-quality services such as product selection and express delivery. The blockchain traceability technology to be adopted by North American Mall will enable users to know the source of the purchased product and the production process experienced when purchasing the product, and it has a higher degree of recognition of the authenticity of the product, making shopping more assured.