2021 Golden Bear Coins start bravely, the SWAPALL exchange tops 13 million U.S. dollars in one hour

At 9 o’clock on January 29, 2021, Beijing time, Golden Bear Coin GPB launched the SwapAll No. 1 airdrop mining pool, and the Go001 mobile mining pool was also officially opened simultaneously. Within one hour of the first launch, the total mortgage amount of the GPB airdrop mining pool exceeded 13 million USDT equivalent funds, and the annual revenue of the Go001 mining pool continued to rise, exceeding 3800% at the peak.

SwapAll’s world-leading mobile mining method has attracted the favor of many investors.

As of press time, 1Go001≈522.6240SAP (5632RMB)

SwapAll official website: http://swapall.io/
SwapAll customer service WeChat account: SwapAll_Support

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